The BREATHER ONE system supports the diagnosis, supervision and rehabilitation of diseases such as:
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
One of the treatment methods is rehabilitation
Breath-controlled games
The Breather ONE system uses breath-controlled games to increase motivation to exercise daily.
How does a breath-controlled game work?
choose the right set of exercises and games
that you like
start breathing using the device
The game character will be moved thanks to your breathing movements, and the tasks you will have to perform in the game will make you start breathing in the right way (according to the given exercise).

the device affects the accuracy and repeatability of the breaths taken
increases the child's involvement in breathing exercises
has a positive effect on motivation and increases the regularity of rehabilitation
monitors the progress of the person exercising and the course of the disease thanks to the built-in spirometer function
breath-controlled games are great entertainment for children and adults
The Breather ONE system consists of a rehabilitation device and software.
The Breather ONE rehabilitation device is equipped with an electro-mechanical system that allows you to perform several dozen types of breathing exercises.
The software consists of breath-controlled games and a monitoring application.
The Breather ONE also has a function to diagnose and monitor lung diseases.
Who we are?
At RespMedical, we develop and implement innovative medical technologies.
The most important value of the company are high-class specialists in the field of medicine, electronics, IT and marketing, who create and improve the latest technologies aimed at improving the quality of life of people with respiratory diseases.

Developing new technologies is not only a job for us, but most of all a passion.

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Your Breather ONE
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